Pineapple Media Group

Pineapple Media Group’s Proofreading Service offers comprehensive, meticulous and dependable reviewing of dissertations or thesis papers for PhD and Master’s degree candidates

Let our professional team provide objective quality assurance to prevent careless mistakes, typographical errors and simple grammatical inconsistencies in your final document. Our experienced team will help you create the best possible presentation of your document, allowing your reader to focus entirely on your content.

Dissertation and Proofreading Services with Light Editing


Our professional and experienced staff will give you that second pair of eyes to ensure the components of your final draft are free from mistakes and are ready to present as a complete and cohesive paper. This service is intended for papers that have been revised and shared with faculty or colleges and is nearly ready for its final presentation.

Reference checking and style formatting

We will ensure that all of your formatting and fonts are consistent with the standards and practices of your field and your institution. Review and analysis is available to ensure that your citations and reference points within your presentation are correctly worded and error free.

Copy Editing  

Copy editing is available to guarantee that the structure and flow of your paper has integrity and clarity while meeting all professional standards and practices. We will:

  • Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
  • Ensure consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization
  • Flag ambiguous or factually incorrect statements

We are familiar with a variety of formatting standards and will help ensure that your paper meets the requirements of your field and school.

Pineapple Media Group’s Resume and Curriculum Vitae Services

Let our experienced professionals help you with that next step in your career by refining or creating your resume or curriculum vitae today! Regardless of your field, we can help you prominently feature your unique skills and experience in a variety of ways. In today’s modern world clarity and keywords bring candidates to the awareness of decision makers and prospective employers.


If your resume or curriculum vitae is complete but you would like to have it proofread for clarity, consistency and/or formatting. Our resume team will proofread it for you. We will double-check format, style, spelling and grammar as well as ensure that it is 100% error free.

Resume Building

Resume creation or revision is one of our specialties. We can work with you to capitalize on your experience, skills and work history.  We will work with you to collect your background information, work history, skills, and publications you have authored. We know how to showcase desirable skills and experience that are relevant to the direction you wish to go. We can also help you tailor various versions of your resume or CV, cover letters and other documents toward specific position postings.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Services Specialty

Our native English speaking staff members are ready to offer specialized help to those for whom English is a second language. We can help you with grammar, spelling, consistency and paragraph structure to best present your ideas. We have staff who are certified ESOL instructors who will be sensitive to your needs.