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Elements of a Strong Dissertation

Many faculty members would argue that the most important elements of any successful dissertation are the originality of its premise, the substance of the research and ability of the author to support his or her position with solid, original research and well-constructed, persuasive language. Dissertations can be the most rewarding, and for some the most stressful, part of any graduate degree course. It provides the opportunity to examine a chosen subject in depth and develop expertise. The dissertation offers many challenges to those seeking to do it well.

The primary challenge involves turning raw ideas into a research question, designing the research project, choosing appropriate methods, developing a research proposal, planning and executing the project, working with data, and finally writing up and preparing the completed paper for presentation and defense. Whether this undertaking is in the humanities, social sciences or scientific realm, clearly presenting your ideas to your faculty members and ultimately to your review committee is essential.

In some the author’s over familiarity with the content or unfortunate can lead to minor over sites. Small issues can occur in the flow of ideas, paragraph structure or even basic diction. It is here that a professional review team like Pineapple Media can help you to finely hone and polish your writing to clearly and concisely present your premise, supporting data and your conclusions to a committee in the best possible way.

Often when one spends long months or even years writing and revising a paper. It is easy to overlook minor incongruences or small errors that diminish the overall message.  Let our team of experienced quality assurance specialists proofread or provide editing advice to ensure that you message is clearly expressed. Let Pineapple Media Group ensure the final draft of you work. We are here to help.

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