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Choose the best PhD dissertation editing service with PMG’s experienced editing staff

Professional Experience

Our staff has over 20 years of experience providing professional proofreading and editing services. We collectively have knowledge and experience with academic papers, legal documents, and business reports in various industries. We have expert professionals ready to provide you the quality assurance you need so that your paper or project can be presented best possible form.

In addition, PMG has been creating and perfecting effective resumes since 1987. We can help you get the attention of prospective employers and organizations by highlighting your best skills and features in a concise manner. Trust us to help you put your best foot forward and present the best documents possible.


Any information you provide us will be kept strictly confidential. Your personal information, your project content and any research provided to Pineapple Media Group for proofreading or editing will only be seen by the highly trained individuals on our designated servers. We do not share your personal information or any payment information with any third parties. Upon completion of your project to your satisfaction, you can instruct us to archive all of your information, so that you will have a backup copy or to delete all of your materials from our system, If we archive your materials you will have a back up with us for any future needs.